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Reversals can either be on an elective or emergency basis.  HA (hyaluronic acid Based fillers) can be reversed whereas some other dermal fillers are permanent.  Hence the importance of knowing the exact product you’re receiving.  The reversal agent (Hyaluronidase) is found in the venom and saliva of several stinging and biting insects.  If you have a known hypersensitivity or severe reaction to these it is advisable to have a patch test carried out before any dermal filler treatment is administered.

Dermal filler reversal and correction

Now that you have explored some detail around the beauty issue you are facing, you can decide if a reversal is for you.

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You can choose to pay for an elective reversal on any of our dermal filler treatments if you do not like the outcome. You may come to us for an elective reversal from another practitioner/clinic but only if you have the relevant documentation stating the product used and date of treatment. At consultation we will determine if a reversal is required. An elective reversal may only be undertaken after a minimum period of 2 weeks following the original treatment. Two weeks is how long the dermal filler takes to settle into the tissues, for any injection sites to heal, and for any swelling to subside.

In an emergency you will never be turned away and if we cannot help you, we will ensure you are referred to an appropriate medical professional; either your NHS24 or A&E in a timely manner.

If the reversal is for a Smooth Dimensions treatment and you believe we are at fault, we are always open to complaints or feedback and as a Health Improvement Scotland (HIS) regulated company, you are entitled to seek their adjudication of any complaint you may have. If we are found to have been at fault, we commit to refunding you the cost of the reversal.

Reversal Treatments

Elective Reversal of Dermal Filler
Used for – Agent for use with Reversal Kit (Hyaluronidase is Prescription only)

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You’ve already paid for a cosmetic treatment that didn’t leave you entirely satisfied, so we want to make it as affordable as possible for you to have the reversal treatment you need. That’s why we promise unbeatable rates on dermal filler and all other reversals, ensuring you don’t need to worry about price when you come to us for our reversal services.

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